Since Bill was first elected to City Council he has received overwhelming support from residents: elected officials, business leaders, parents, taxpayers, and community servants.

I am honored to again receive the endorsement of the Frisco Firefighters Association Local 3732 and Frisco Police Officers Association.

Public Safety has been and always will be a high priority for me. I have worked hard to support our Police Officers and Firefighters to ensure they have the proper tools, training and resources to keep you, our citizens safe.

During my first term, our fire department achieved the highest level of accreditation from the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) and our ISO 1 rating was renewed which helps lower insurance costs. Less than 100 departments in the entire nation have both of these accreditations.

Our Police Department also received re-accreditation in the Law Enforcement Accreditation Program and the Communications Division received their initial CALEA Communications Accreditation.

Additionally, we rolled out the “Closest to dispatch” program that has reduced response times for both departments and saves wear and tear on our equipment, this makes us more efficient and saves tax payer dollars.

These accreditations and programs show the commitment to excellence of our Police and Fire Departments, and their focus on providing best in class service to our residents.

Frisco residents deserve strong Public Safety, I will continue make that a priority for our city.

Dallas Morning News

Woodard, 44, possess the right background for dealing with Frisco’s explosive growth. A banker who moved to the city in 2005, Woodard served on the Frisco Planning and Zoning Commission for six years and chaired the Charter Review Commission and the 2010 Census Committee before being elected to the council in 2016…

Woodard has demonstrated his commitment to serving Frisco.  He deserves another term.

I am honored to have the Collin County Realtors Association endorsement through Texas Association of Realtors (TREPAC) . I have and will continue to support protecting private property rights and home ownership in our city. Thank you to both of these organizations for recognizing the good work that we’ve done for the wonderful homeowners of Frisco.

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Elected & Appointed Officials

Frisco City Council
Mayor Jeff and Dana Cheney
Mayor Pro Tem Shona Huffman
Councilman Will and Bobbie Sowell
Councilman Brian and Brittany Livingston
Councilman Tim Nelson

Past City Council
Mayor Maher Maso
Councilman Scott and Julia Johnson
Councilman Bob Allen
Councilman David Prince

Frisco ISD Trustees
John and Melanie Classe
Chad and Amy Rudy
Anne  and Jim McCausland
Debbie  and Dane Gillespie
Bryan and Shaye Dodson
Rene and Randy Archambault 

Former FISD Trustees
Chris Todd
Buddy Minett
John Hoxie

Lewisville ISD Trustee
Jenny  Proznik

Little Elm ISD
Deleon English

Planning and Zoning
Robert Cox
Ed and Linda Kelly
Bryan and Jennifer Morgan
Steve Cone
David Box
Jon Kendall
Brittany Colberg

Former P& Z Members
Bobby Roberti
Will and Valorie Russell
Chris Moss
Jeff Trykoski
Dave Wilcox

Gary Carley
Rick Fletcher
Barbara Fasola
Jason Dudley

Former EDC Members
Paul Sheldon

Wren Ovard
James Hogan
Karen Cunningham
Ed Szczebak
Chad and Whitney Brubaker
Ed Mahoney

Former CDC Members
Tracy and Gregg Gamble
Cynthia and Kevin Hurley
Heather and Jason Bowers

Parks and Rec
Amy and Hal Deatherage
Loren Sauer
Shane Gilmore
Laura Crow
Donna Schmittler
Sean Merrell
Geoffery and Julie Davis

Former Parks and Rec Members
Hunt Reifschneider
Bob and Debbie Clark
Dick Abernethy
Nikki Simon

Dick Peasley

Housing Authority Board
Lee Myrben

Downtown Advisory Board
Aaron Fletcher
Danny Mehta
Matthew Calloway
Brad Sharp

Kevin Hail
Kristin Grammar

Board of Adjustments
Raghuram Tadimeti

Public Art Board
Peter  Burns
Robert Moroch
Ann Anderson

2019 Bond Committee
Shanna Keaveny
Bob and Carol Gallagher
Keith Britton
Ram Majji

2019 Charter Review Committee
Dennie Franklin
Laxmi Tummala
Lyn Slaney-Silguero
Khushboo Rawlley
John Kirby

FISD Long Range Planning Committee
Sean Heatley
Jamie Heit
Bryan Brickman
Gopal Ponangi
Cindy Hons
Wendy Wittenbrook

CoServ Board
Clint Bedsole


Alphabetical by Last Name

Dick Abernethy
Houdini Abtahi
Ann and Thor Anderson
Chris and Linda  Atlason
Krishna Bhaskar
Donna Beaupre
Joseph Boduch
Becca Buell
Dana Burch
Fred and Ginger Burris
Marybeth Butler
Richard and Kari Campbell
Heather and Chad Canterbury
David and Julia Chalker
David Cheek
Sunitha Cheruvu
Donny  Churchman
Gavin Copeland
Ken and Paula Daughtry
Geoffrey Davis
Kristi and Craig Derrick
Lokesh Doddi
Dan & Sheila Drummond
Matt Duffy
Doug and Laura Edwards
Aaron Fletcher
Lisa Floyd
Peggy Foley
Chris and Stefanie Forsythe
Elpy and Cathy Garcia
Ryan and Kellee Gilmour
Sergio & Kristie Gomez
Mike Gopert
Don and Linda Haggard
Susan and Eric Hanson
Greg and Jan Haughey
Carrie Himel
Joel Hoback
Ken Hodes
Megan Holland
Jeff and Shannon Jacobs
Bruce and Linda Johnson
Hamlin Jones
Sheri  Jose
Scott  Kaiser
Kellie Kauten
Dan and Janet Kelleher
Eric Kihl
Bob and Betty Jo King
Glyn King
Sheena LaPlante
Jimmy Laferney
Kyle Laferney
Duane and Sharre Landes
Ron Lillis
Jamie Lockwood
Mary Lucas
Sharon Luft
Laurie Lynch
Shara Margheim
Wint and Diane Marler
Mike Martin
Jay Mayabb
Ed Mazur
Lee McCormick
Clay and Donnelle McKinnie
Leon and Gail Mendez
Bill and Therese Milford
Ashley and Justin Miller
Terri Miller
Bob and Alana  Mitchell
Rich Munson
Kurt North
John and Marilyn Nowlin
Ariel Ortegon
JB Barrett Owen
Debbie  Pasha
Dustin Paschal
Stephen Paz
Gary Pearce
Jake Petras
Geneva Polster
Amy Puckett
Brad and Stacey Rayburn
Al  Rowland
Warren and Kathy Ruiz
Stacey and Scott Rupert
Sherrie Salas
Josh and Mary Sandler
Christine and Todd Saville
Scott Schmidt
Donna Segars
Andy and Kelly Short
Brad and Marian Schulze
Bert Simon
Paul Simon
Ed and Beth Singer
Ken “Woody” Smith
Mike Spitters
Thomas (Dan) Stricklin
Ivy Sun
Layton Sumpter
George Sutton
Kevin Thompson
Brian and Samantha Thomson
James Trombley
Holly Villanueva
Casey Waits
Bruce West
Ashley and Steve Winkler
Wendy Wittenbrook
Gary Woodard
Christine and Alex Zanjanipour
Annette Zimmer