APA 2016: Honors and Education in Phoenix

As the Chair of Frisco’s Planning & Zoning Commission, I am sometimes asked to participate in planning events on behalf of the city. Currently I am attending the 2016 APA National Planning Conference, and the sessions have been extremely useful and relevant to Frisco’s future and our Comprehensive Plan implementation.

In a workshop called “Preventing Violence by Design,” attendees learned how land-use decisions can affect the likelihood of violence, and how planners can impact community safety.

In a session on changing demographics, we saw that the peak of home ownership was driven by the Baby Boomers, and has been steadily on a rapid decline since 2004. Young professionals and young families are not purchasing “starter homes” the way our parents did. More communities are also looking at how to meet the needs of culturally diverse and aging constituencies.


The session on public-private park partnerships discussed how to utilize private sector relationships to fund green spaces, and the benefits and challenges that come with the long-term planning for these community amenities. These are just a few of the session takeaways so far.

Last night, it was a pleasure to see John Lettelleir, Frisco’s own Director of Development, be inducted into the 2016 Class of the AICP Fellows, an honor given to select members who have made lasting contributions to the practice and profession of planning.


There are more training sessions today, and then it’s back to Frisco tomorrow. It is energizing to see great ideas from around the country, and share what Frisco is already doing well with our counterparts in other cities.